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The UBe ZOMBIE RUN is a fun, race that lets you test out what you will do when the Zombies start coming out of the dirt after a botched military operation.
You get the choice of being a Human or a Zombie…
If you are a human, you get to race against the clock to find the last outposts of humanity scattered throughout the wilderness, hopefully collect the KEYS TO SURVIVAL and return to home base to save Humanity. At every Outpost, you’ll have a challenge to face in order to complete the mission and get a KEY.  You must have all keys from each checkpoint to bring back to home base to have your time count!
You will be given a map of the land at OPERATIONAL HQ where you can see where the checkpoints will be located (and how many there will be); however, you will not be told what the challenge will be at each location.  The challenges will not be overtly physical (we won’t have you jump over 15 foot walls or to swim across the river!), but expect to use your brains, balance, aim and/or coordination.  If you have none of those qualities, let’s hope you can run!
The whole time, humans will be dodging freaking ZOMBIES! The recently TURNED ZOMBIES will be able to “eat” you if they capture the flag you’re wearing on the belt provided to all the HUMANS. Don’t despair though, if you’re “bitten”, you can find “medical” attention at one of the outposts to restore your health, as you will need it before you can complete your challenge.
The outposts are scattered around trails and village for a distance of about 5km, but dodging ZOMBIES could add some distance to your journey!  This is not a set course, so navigate the terrain if you dare…
If you are a zombie, your main concern is lunch (and of course, taking over mankind!).  You’re trying to “eat” as many humans as possible within the 1.5 hour race time.  There is one catch: you must complete a zombie challenge BEFORE your time to roam the earth is up.  Once complete, you will get a special token to bring back to home base.  Without this token, your life flag numbers are forfeit at the end of the race.  In other words, “eat” your way to the challenge and back!


Your biggest challenge is to avoid being dinner for some crazy dead dude! But beyond mere survival, it’s your special purpose to try and ensure the survival of all humanity. To do that is going to take a little extra work!
Before the start of the UBe ZOMBIE RUN, you will be given a map of the countryside. On the map, we will have circled where we believe the last outposts of humanity are hiding out. At each outpost, you will hopefully find a key to surviving the new era of the undead! To get the key, you’ll need to complete a challenge.

You don’t get let off that easy!  We’ve got a zombie challenge or two thrown in there for you guys which must be completed before the end of the race (2 hour time limit) in order for your flags to be counted for placement at the end of the race.  So make sure you bring back that token to zombie home base!
You will also get a map that shows you where the zombie challenge(s) may be located.  Remember, you must complete any zombie challenge(s) in order to have your flags counted and for placement at the end of the race!

Challenges (for both humans and zombies) are not overtly physical but may take some time, skill and/or brainpower. You may be asked to build something, solve an important puzzle (puzzles are always important in defeating Zombies or capturing humans), move something, or whatever we decide.
There will be ZOMBIE FREE ZONES around the HUMAN outposts, so you can complete the challenges without the worry of being eaten.
Humans, if you’ve been infected (flag pulled by a ZOMBIE), you can be “treated” at the outposts and given a new life (flag). We’ll also have real med kits and water at ALL outposts in case you need hydration (who knew zombies prefer water over blood?!) or need a Band-Aid, ice pack, or a tourniquet to cut off the blood flow after you’ve lost a limb to zombie!
ZOMBIES cannot enter the ZOMBIE FREE ZONES around the human outposts. We also have found a group of mercenaries (volunteers) who believe they can kill Zombies (or at least stun them). We like to call them ZOMBIE HUNTERS and we’ve armed them with special Zombie stunning guns.
Although ZOMBIES need not fear, there are a group of greedy ex-military humans who want to rule the world, and they will do anything to keep you safe, even shoot the ZOMBIE HUNTERS.

UBe/ZRC Race Info:
The next zombie outbreak will be on Saturday, November 30th, 2013, so mark your calendars!  Location is at ZRC Club House, Redhouse.
It’s R25 for registration for both humans and zombies (nice to know that you’re worth the same dead or alive, huh?).  

To be or Not To Be…ALIVE
The choice is sorta yours!
When you register, you can give us your preference, HUMAN or ZOMBIE. For humanity to have any hope (and the run challenge more fun), the number of zombies will be restricted as a ratio of humans (about one zombie for every four humans).

If you register as a ZOMBIE in time, that’s what you race as.  Once our zombie registration is full, your only option is to race as a human (even if you feel undead!). You can contact us to be put on a zombie waiting list in case any zombies cannot make it out to the race; we’ll contact you as soon as we find out!
To Help You Choose:
HUMANS are competing for time. They’ll be running on the trails, through the village, creeks and anything else they have to in order to avoid being eaten by the flesh crazed dead. They’ll have to find five checkpoints (and complete the challenges presented) to collect the keys to survival.
ZOMBIES are competing against other Zombies to eat humans while making their way to their challenge and completing it. Luckily, in the UBe ZOMBIE RUN World, eating humans means catching and collecting the flags the humans are wearing (on belts provided).

There are no age divisions (other than you have to be 13+ to participate on your own) in the UBe ZOMBIE RUN. We do have separate prizes for the Living and Undead!
There will be prizes awarded to the following:

Individuals, Based on Time 
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Male and Female
MOST Creatively Dressed Human

To be eligible, you must have all of your KEYS TO SURVIVAL with you at the finish line and a flag on your belt. If you are wearing your original flag (which is marked), you’ll be in the hall of fame and gain recognition of being the ULTIMATE Survivor of the UBe ZOMBIE RUN, that is most likely to survive a REAL zombie apocalypse!

Based on # of Flags Captured
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Male and Female
BEST looking Zombie – (As in most looking like the dead!)
To be eligible, you must have your challenge complete token AND be in the Zombie Quarantine Camp (Finish Line) by 8:30am. ZOMBIES that arrive after that time will have their flags counted but will be unable to place.

To Keep as little actual blood off the course as possible, we need some rules.

Mostly Common Sense but you’d be surprised…
You must be 13 years of age and older to compete alone. – (Little people get lost in the village & eaten for real)
Children under 13 years of age MUST compete with a parent or legal guardian.
No pets of any kind are allowed in the wasteland (our course).
No weapons, play weapons, fire, sharp objects or gear considered dangerous by the organisers will not be allowed. – (even if it’s part of your costume)
No physical contact between participants. Shoving, pushing, defending your flag, or any aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated in the Run Challenge. You will be asked to immediately leave the course if observed or reported by participants, staff or volunteers. – (This event is for good natured fun and should be played that way)
ZOMBIES and HUMANS must stay in the course boundaries as defined by the organisers.
Any verbal or written instruction by organisers must be strictly followed at all times!

The JACKASS rule: If you are making other participants uncomfortable, not playing nice, fair, or in the spirit of the competition, organisers reserve the right to require you to leave at any point without further explanation (or refund).

You must keep your flag belt and race bib on at all times.
You cannot leave the course boundaries (set in advance). You will be considered eaten and disqualified.
You may wear anything you like (we hope you dress up!) but you must be able to get a flag belt around your waist and a race number attached to your chest.

You must keep your headband and race number on at all times.
You cannot leave the course boundaries (set in advance).
If you are shot by a ZOMBIE HUNTER, you must sit on the ground until the hunter tells you that you can get back up (typically one to two minutes). You cannot “eat” a HUMAN while “stunned” by a Hunter. ZOMBIE HUNTERS are staff/volunteers and can disqualify you for not listening to their instructions.
More detailed rules will be given to registered participants in advance.

ALL rules are designed and enforced to provide as FUN and SAFE event as we can organize. Please respect and obey them!
Cuz who doesn’t want to shoot Zombies?
We know those humans are going to need some help along the way saving humanity, and that’s where you come in!  We’re currently seeking brave individuals to endure the apocalypse as Zombie Hunters, Medics, Challenge Coordinators and whatever else Zombiedom requires!

If you want to do your part to assist humans or zombies in their quest, email our UBe ZOMBIE RUN Director

Further Details: ube360@gmail.com

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