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One of the people who motivates me is Kai Green, not only does he motivate me, but he is an inspiration to the lads we work with.
Each morning before school the kids put on one of his videos and the room is fill with ‘Jusit’ and ‘Yo’ the same routine before homework on returning from school. Not only does his size impress, but what he has to say.
Something I find encouraging, seeing that he shares the same background as many of the kids.

Daily I also show the kids Kai’s musings on Facebook…. Read the following and tell me this does not inspire?

Here we are again my friends,
On our morning stride, quick starting our cardio session and venturing into our morning thought. It’s funny… this morning, even more so this week. I’ve been seeing more and more school buses full of young minds and proud parents letting go pieces of themselves as they see and feel their young ones venture into the world we live in today.
Young man.. Young Women.. Be not afraid of what is before you, new faces.. new struggles.. new dreams.. for “you yourself may have been born within the rubbish environment but be careful, my friend, not to believe that the rubbish was born in you.” Being called weird is like being called limited edition, meaning you’re something people don’t see that often.
I encourage you to challenge thoughts and things and be not afraid to ask questions.. for they themselves test the powers within you and those that teach us. “Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20.”. (

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