The Year That Was (Not) – 2020

Three months into 2020, it became clear that it would be a year we would never forget.

History books will be written about this momentous year from the COVID-19 pandemic to the historic USA Presidential election to the social and racial unrest around the globe. As we head into the holiday season, this year – more than most – deserves some reflection.

Who would have thought that 2020 would be the year that a pandemic would bring the world to a semi-standstill? We certainly didn’t anticipate that ‘zoom’ would become a buzzword, facemasks would be the latest obligatory fashion accessory, sanitizer would be a must-pack item, and working from home would be the new norm for most.

2020 is most certainly a year that will be remembered and spoken about for years to come. I have heard so many people comparing 2020 to a terrible rollercoaster ride when it comes to markets and emotions.

Just as a coin has two faces, similarly, every situation has a hidden positive and negative side. It may not be evident to us immediately but on reflection the lessons become clear. Similarly, this pandemic is a blessing in disguise (agree or not). It has taught us so many lifelong lessons that are going to stay with us for the rest of our lives. We surely are never going to forget this year.

Never Take Life For Granted

We have gone through the motions of life without really appreciating the daily gift given to us. We complain about petty things and self-loath when thing don’t go as planned. 2020 nothing went according to plan, but instead of starting a gripe fest, we learned to be thankful for every day granted without illness, being able to make our rental payment and to be able to put food on the table. Learn to accept every day as a gift.

You Have All The Power Within You

We had time to spend with ourselves during lockdown which made us contemplate our fragility, our worth, our weaknesses and our strengths. Introspection is like a personal SWOT analysis, at the end of the process we come out stronger, we unleash our hidden strengths.

Humans are extraordinarily adaptable and resilient we have an innate desire to survive and any threat to our survival brings out the power within

Our Foundations

The lockdown brought isolation, isolation from family and friends. On the positive side it could have kept unwanted in-laws and friends from dropping by (just a joke), we learned the value of true friends and family. Folks that stayed in contact, showed concern, and sent food parcels, those who are true where all revealed and we can build on these true foundations in future.

You Must Have Patience

Patience is the key to success. This pandemic taught all of us to have the patience of Job. Standing in long queues for our daily supplies at supermarkets, walking 6km a day (getting in my exercise) to buy a black-market overpriced pack of cigarettes.

Grow Every Day

Endeavour to improve daily. Do not compare yourself with other, compare yourself with the person you were yesterday. During the lockdown we had time to learn about who we are, and some of us managed to get in some online courses, improving our knowledge on subjects we are passionate about or learning something completely different.

Positivity Is The Key

Demotivation, lethargy, overthinking, negativity, plagued many since the lockdown was announced and these feelings, if not confronted, drove many to disastrous actions. Tuning out the doom mongers in mainstream media and focusing on staying positive has a huge impact on our mental health as well as physical health. Look at the situation with a positive perspective and focus on the expanding your self-worth.

Love Yourself

Loving someone else seems easier than loving self. Learning to love yourself unconditionally and accepting yourself with all your flaws is key to being loved and loving others unconditionally.

You Can Survive Without Junk Food

I am fortunate in that I do not love junk food or eating out much but many of you were deprived from your daily or regular fix of junk food. The lockdown taught many that cooking healthy and tasty meals for yourself and family is far more satisfying and beneficial for optimal health. I had the good fortune to interact with many new clients, helping them with eating plans, and the results and comments have been extremely positive. Illness and conditions being reversed, weight-loss and higher energy levels have been the result of making a positive change in eating.

Health Is The Real Wealth

Many have taken their health for granted. This virus has taught us that our poor health habits put us at risk for a myriad of infections. Poor sleeping habits, not exercising, and not eating healthy, compromised our immune systems. We need to pay more attention to our lifestyles, become physically active, enjoy nature, eating healthy and getting adequate rest, these are the true investments in health and wealth.

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