Success Through True Passion


The Easter homily so eloquently delivered by Father Ted took me on a wonderful journey. It made me go do some soul searching, am I passionate about what I do, and what could I be doing to be more passionate about my life as a whole. I think I can answer with confidence when I say that mostly I am. I really have a passion for helping people, sometimes to my own detriment, but all the same, I get that warm fuzzy feeling when. Seeing people achieve goals, or see a parent who has only know misery show some sign of hope and the best feeling of all come from seeing children smile, or laugh. Money I don’t have, but these treasures are blessing that money can not buy.

I think there are two ways of determining if you are following your heart. The first is whether or not you are following the desires that your heart is calling you towards, and the second is if you living in your heart. Being in it.

One is about the actions you are taking and one is more about the person you are being. You can do what you love and you can also be love. Both are equally as powerful. Both require you to tune in to your heart, to connect with that loving energy inside of you, and to then live from that place.

Doing what you love means you listen to your intuition, you take actions driven by what you love, you follow your passions and you express your unique gifts and talents to the world without fear.

Being love is about seeing the world, others and everything in your life through the eyes of love ā€“ no judgment, no criticism, no ego.

Both require you to move from living in your head to instead live in your heart.

This way of living sounds beautiful right? So, if it is so wonderful, why are there still so many people not doing it? I can not answer for them, I know in my heart I have found my calling, and try to live it to the best of my ability. Only regret is I can not get to help everyone who truly needs help.

Live, Love and Laugh



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