Seeing the Illusion

Sometimes trying to help family members can be one of the hardest things that we can ever experience. We tend to give all we have to the ones that we love, and sometimes we are betrayed by the ones that we have given all to. It can feel like a knife cutting straight into our hearts. But there is always something that can be learned , even through betrayal. It is like when Jesus was hanging on the cross, and he was looking down at the people heckling him, he saw the illusion of the ego and it’s mad realm. But he also knew a love that could never, never leave him. That is what we can learn from a betrayal of a loved one. We can learn to see the illusions, but still feel the love that can never, never, never leave us. No matter what anyone Else does. Only then do we become free (to experience real Love). – Jim Long

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