The Green Door

Aim: We would love to develop gardening projects in our community with local children and their families.

What is the Plan? Planting vegetables, herbs and some basic fruits, and teaching the children and their parents how to use these ingredients to make healthy and tasty meals. We also plan to sell the products made with surplus produce.

What difference will it make? Putting good food on a child’s plates can be a bit of a challenge if you are living on a tight budget. We also know that many children do not like eating vegetables and don’t really understand the benefits of healthy eating. In our pilot project we have seen that children are more likely to eat the produce they grow themselves and with a little bit of wizardry in the kitchen we can almost guarantee we will have your children loving vegetables.

What is needed? Funding for seeds and equipment


Aim: We would like to give our children an outdoor adventure and create memories that help keep their flame of hope alive.

What is the Plan? We would love to be able to take some of the families from Motherwell/Swartkops on a sports adventure to Boknes.

What difference will it make? We work with families living in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Swartkops. Long-term unemployment,high crime, violence, alcohol and substance abuse are high in these areas, children here suffer from having no safe outdoor space to play in. A holiday beyond their neighbouhood is unheard of.

Boknes is a wonderful outdoor adventure area situated near Kenton-on-Sea. They can explore a new and exciting environment, feeling independent but safe, and our sport coaches and councilors will arrange for loads of healthy fun. It will also be a rare weekend away.

What is needed? Funds, 2 x Mini busses, food and Volunteers

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