Post-Workout Snacks Will Help You Refuel

First published by: Anita Bhagwandas | 23 March 2018

You should eat protein after exercise to fuel muscle growth – within 60 minutes of your sweat sesh. Eat a full meal in the next two hours to keep your metabolism active. Here are the best snacks to get into that body immediately after exercise. Bonus: You’ll be surprised how delicious they are!

  • Jelly And Fro-Yo

Why: When your tank is empty, you might not feel hungry right away, but you will in 30 minutes. Enter your new saviour… Jelly. “Your glycogen levels are low and jelly gives them a boost without fat or too many kilojoules,” says personal trainer Laura Ash.

Scoff it: Enjoy a scoop of jelly with frozen natural yoghurt – it contains protein, but less fat than ice cream.

  • Skinny Chocolate Milk

Why: Yip, plain, old chocolate milk may be as good – or better – than sports drinks at helping muscles recover from strenuous exercise, according to a study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.
Scoff it: Make a super-healthy chocolate milk: mix skim (or almond milk) with two teaspoons cacao powder and a drop or two of agave syrup.

  • Eggs And Chilli

Why: Eggs contain around 300kJ of energy and six grams of protein each. The biggest sell? They contain vitamin D, which researchers from Newcastle University found can help ameliorate muscle fatigue. Chilli helps to keep your metabolism running at maximum capacity.

Scoff it: “Whisk two eggs, add chilli flakes and make a pancake. Wrap it in foil for an on-the-go snack,” says personal trainer Anwar Gilbert

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