Lifes Like That

Life is a series of lessons, the outcome always based on the choices we make.
A life of privilege does not always guarantee success, nor does a life of struggle and poverty doom you to failure and misery.

If we choose to look at the news and see all the doom and gloom or wallow in the misery of the world, we are bound to see only the negative in our own life, and live a life filled with stress and depression. Not a healthy situation, especially if children are part of your life. Stress and depression becomes an energy that is readily transferred to those sharing our lives.

I have a wee ritual, on waking I do a gratitude prayer. Its basically a prayer listing all the things I’m grateful for, no requests, no favours wishes or dreams, just plain and simple THANK YOU.
Although my life isn’t perfect, it does make coping with the daily challenges a lot easier.

Today was a day fraught with challenges, and at the end of it I have a few names to add to my gratitude list, Mr. van Staden, Mr. Gerber, Ms. Rossouw and Ms. de Klerk, all teachers with a passion for imparting wonderful life lessons to our children. I am sure this list will grow as the year progresses, as more teachers from Pearson High become involved in our lives. I am grateful to them for showing Christopher and Juan a future of possibilities.

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