Its rare to find people who fit the bill of earth bound angles in our modern society where the accumulation of material goods seems to be the only reason for living.

I have been fortunate to have met a few of these unique individuals in my travels.

Today I pay tribute to 5 selfless souls who have been true angels, standing by me when times have been tough.

Bobby, thank you for your time, love and chats, they have been lifesaving and inspirational.

Tosca, your help in keeping the lads neat and tidy has been a real blessing and saving.

Willie and Mariana, thank you for being my sounding board and friends, our long talks and walks have helped me maintain my sanity your friendship is really a great blessing.

Aidan, my Irish mate, thank you for helping me, and for all the help and work in the future, I am sure UBe will be a resounding success.

Gratitude to you all.

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