Good Morning

Starting your day on the right note can go a long way toward making every day seem like a Friday.

Try these 4 easy steps:

  • Activate your mind – When you wake up, try reading a positive quote or spiritual reading or a great motivational blog.
  • Be grateful – Find something that you could be great for the day. Family, friends, breathing or no deadlines are a few that come to mind.
  • Body activation – Do a few stretches, as your core temperature rises body starts releasing hormones and endorphins which lift the mood and limbers up the joints. If you want a feel good booster, do a light 12min workout. (Will post a very easy to follow sample routine)
  • Energy booster – Breakfast is vital, it breaks the fast and gets the metabolic system stoked and ready to burn fat. I know there are a few reading this who do not like or can’t cope with eating so early. There is no excuse for good morningmorning nutrition. Make a smoothie or a shake, that way you kill two birds with one stone, nutrition and hydration.

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