Dylan Duthie

Background & Personal Information:

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Before and After
Name Dylan Duthie
Date or Birth 1 February 1991
Home Town Port Elizabeth
High School Westering High School
Gym At Edge Fitness
Contest Weight 88kg
Years Training 7 years
Favourite Body Part Shoulders
Favourite Exercise Shoulder Press
Training History:
How did you get started?  As a kid I was very small (59kg). When I finished school and started working, I joined the gym and took it from there. John Cena was my inspiration back then to get big.

What Workout Routine Worked Best for you? Every day focusing on 1 muscle group and steadily increase the volume and weight as I get stronger and stamina increases, I also do cardio 3 times a week to stay leaner.

What Nutrition/Eating Plan Worked Best for you? Lots of eggs, chicken and oats, occasional red meats and rice as well as Whey Protein Shakes.IMG-20180127-WA0003.jpg

What tip would you give other aspiring Bodybuilders?  Never give up. Don’t let life get you down


What Supplements have given you the greatest gains?  Whey Protein

Why do you like, and what motivates you to stick to the bodybuilding lifestyle?  I like it because hard work and dedication will reap rewards and good results physically. It keeps me mentally strong as well, having goals and something to work towards.

What are your future plans in bodybuilding? In 2018 I am planning on competing in at least 3 Bodybuilding Competitions in the Eastern Cape and go on tho the SA Champs.

Who are your favourite Bodybuilding heroes? Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Cutler and Lee Priest  

I Bet You Would Not have Guessed:

About Me: I enjoy cars and drag racing

My ride:  BMW M3 and Opel Astra

My most painful injury: broken tibia, fibula, patella and forearm in a motorcycle/motorcar accident in 2013

Favourite Food: MC Donald’s

Favourite Movie: Saw saga

At a karaoke bar, I’ll most likely be singing: Superhero – Bain ft Chris

Catch me shopping: Wherever my girlfriend wants to shop

My TV is always on (what channel): YouTube – RX Muscle

That I’d secretly like to be: Chicken Farmer (eggs)

When I’m not training, I’m eating and chilling at home, watching YouTube

What do you look for in a woman? Good personality and good traits

Playing on my iPod is: I don’t have an iPod


Training Plan

Monday : Chest

Tuesday: Legs

Wednesday: Shoulders

Thursday: Arms

Saturday: Legs

Eating Plan

Meal 1: Eggs and Oats

Meal 2: Whey Protein Shake

Meal 3: Chicken and Rice

Meal 4: Eggs and Rice

Meal 5: Whey Protein Shake

Meal 6: Whatever my girlfriend makes for supper (mince, chicken, omelette, ostrich, veg etc.)

Meal 7: Whey Protein Shake before bedtime

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