Athlete Profile

Background & Personal Information

Date or Birth01 October 2002
HometownPort Elizabeth
High SchoolFramesby
Gym AtEdge Fitness
Current Weight80kgkg
Years Training2years
Favourite Body PartLegs
Favourite ExerciseLeg Extension

About Me

How did you get started? 

I’ve always wanted to gym but was only aloud to when i turned 16 so i started and haven’t stopped since

What Workout Routine Worked Best for you? 

I basically train on instinct, but my workouts have improved since I started my leg day routine.

What Nutrition/Eating Plan Worked Best for you? anything with chicken in is the meal for me

What tip would you give other aspiring Bodybuilders?  Keep grinding

What Supplements have given you the greatest gains?  Protein MRP and Prework

Why do you like, and what motivates you to stick to the lifestyle?  I’m addicted to the progress you make throughout the bodybuilding journey. The need to keep progressing is what keeps me going.

What are your future plans with training? To one day become the first South African mister Olympia

Who are your favourite heroes? Ronnie Coleman is my favourite among all my bodybuilding heroes. YEAH BUDDY !!!

Training Plan

I train when I have the time, I know this is not as focused as I would like, but I am getting use to life after school.

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