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Anlo Swart

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NameAnlo Swart
Date or Birth26 September 2005
HometownPort Elizabeth
High SchoolFramesby
Gym AtEdge Fitness
Current Weight77kg {85kg is my goal}
Years Training4
Favourite Body PartArms
Favourite ExerciseLeg Extension


How did you get started? I went to gym with my dad to try it out

What Workout Routine Worked Best for you? I feel training every body part twice a week gives the best results. I train at 5am and then again after school.

What Nutrition/Eating Plan Worked Best for you? Daily bulk smoothie and more calories from protein than carbs.

What tip would you give other aspiring teen athletes? Never give up. Don’t let life get you down

What Supplements have given you the greatest gains?  Creatine

Why do you like, and what motivates you to stick to the lifestyle?  The results

What are your future plans with training? Aiming to reach my goal body

Who are your favourite heroes? James West

I Bet You Would Not have Guessed

My ride:  KTM 150cc off-road motorbike

My most painful injury: Runners Knee

Favourite Food: Pasta

Favourite Movie: Fast & Furious

At a karaoke bar, I’ll most likely be singing: Rap or Trap

Catch me shopping: Pick n Pay for snacks

My TV is always on (what channel): I don’t watch tv

That I’d secretly like to be: Me

When I’m not training, I am out riding my bike.

What do you look for in a lady? Loyalty and support

Playing on my phone is: Rap & Trap


I do gym training twice a day, my coach mixes it up to allow for adequate recovery and that it does not interfere with my rugby training or my motor cross.

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