5 ways to ensure you stick to your healthy eating plan

Here are some helpful tips on how to recover from all those lovely festive treats and get back to healthy eating. By Health24

The holiday season is notorious for overindulgence. This is why the start of the new year is all about recovery and maintenance. A clever way to help to ensure you are getting all that you need is to consider including a daily multivitamin routine in addition to making good food choices and strive for that balanced diet. Try following these tips to help you be on the pathway to a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Ditch the diet. Yes, that’s right. Allow yourself some leeway and the odd indulgence; just aim for moderation and not stringent diets that are going to be very hard to maintain.
  2. Be a food snob. Parties, work functions, dinners – these are all associated with tempting but unhealthy food options. So, before you plate up, do a quick scan and go for the healthiest options. But be sure to reserve a small part of your plate for that one unhealthy temptation. That way you’ll be nutritionally satisfied while not feeling cheated.
  3. Downsize your plate: Most restaurants offer plates and portions that are far bigger than the average person needs. But if it’s there, chances are you’ll eat it. Try to dish up on a smaller plate, and before you head back for seconds, take a few minutes to evaluate just how hungry you still are.Home made cheese lasagna with arugula salad and a glass of red wine
  4. Eat first: If you’re going out for the day or even heading out with friends for a braai, eat before you go. You probably won’t get around to ordering your meal or enjoying the food from the braai until much later, by which time you will be ravenous and eat more than you really need.  Eat1st
  5. Bring your own food: If you’re invited to someone’s house for a meal, take along your own healthy dish. Not only will you know that there’s at least one thing you can safely munch on, but your host might also be grateful for the contribution.takelunch
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